e-artexte launching the digital repository for documents in visual arts in Quebec and Canada

Artexte is proud to launch e-artexte.ca, a unique open access digital repository for documents in the visual arts in Canada. It is a new on-line service offered in keeping with the world’s leading research libraries and universities.

The e-artexte self-archiving repository caters to the needs of museums, galleries, artist-run centres and other publishers/authors in the visual arts community who are looking for ways to make their publications more widely accessible via the Internet. Free access is a founding principle of the e-artexte service.

To inaugurate the new service, Artexte is organising a discussion panel on open access digital repositories on Saturday, February 9, at Artexte, Montréal.

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Read an article published in Le Devoir (en français)

Source : Artexte Information Centre